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Picture Your Business….

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Image is everything right now, discover today how you can keep your business ahead of the game with a cost effective imagery and branding packages.

We have probably all heard the quote that a picture tells a thousand words and this has never been more true than in the digital world we now live in. We humans are visual communicators and with more and more of us suffering from time poverty, we are increasingly making rapid decisions regarding future purchases based on attractive pictures on our phones or tablets.

Recent research by BT* revealed that over a quarter (28%) of small businesses in the UK are now generating more sales from social media than from any other channel and this is set to continue to rise substantially over the next decade . As well as showcasing your service or products, photographs also allow your customers to engage with you and your team. Well composed photos of real people in the workplace can make the potential buyer feel like they know something about you; very important in building up trust.

All this means that impactful imagery has never been so powerful a tool for modern businesses. With so much potential value at stake and in often very competitive markets, brand placement through professionally taken and edited imagery will have much more of an impact and create the feeling of opulence and a high quality product compared to quick snaps taken using a smartphone.

Having worked in Corporate Sales for most of my career I know that marketing is more than just selling a product or service but selling a lifestyle, an experience, a dream. When I work with a new business it is so important to understand, not just who their current customer base is but who are their dream clients; who do they really want to be investing their efforts in? Often we all lack the confidence to aim high but if it takes as much of our precious time to sell to a high end client as to someone with a very limited budget then why should we not cater for a wider market?

Whilst this revolution on how people view and select products and services can be a major benefit for new enterprises, the stress of producing fresh, enticing content can be a stressful …well…business! This is why I am offering not just a one off branding deal but a cost effective refresh package that can be spread over the course of a year to provide regular new material whether that is new menus for your hospitality business or new products or services.

Clean, fresh and contemporary imagery that really capture more than just a product but a lifestyle can really make a difference to growing your business so why not get in touch and see how I can help you at

I can offer a range of packages to ensure that your content is updated regularly and would love to hear from you.

*Research conducted by Opinium of 2,000 UK Adults, including 500 people who run their own business or side hustle, between 30 December 2022 – 05 January 2023

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